Saturday, May 4, 2013

April 2012

Spring break was at the start of April.  Early in the week Rylan had tubes put in for a second time.  He did better than the first time.  Walking with the nurses and "helping" them.  He bounced right back.

Later that week, my grandpa died peacefully in his sleep after a battle with cancer.  This was a very hard time for our family.  My grandma passed in 2008, and it was again very hard.  Many of our family gathered, our friend LeRoy King officiated the service beautifully, Gabo played the piano wonderfully as usual, and I spent an extra week off with Mom.  Emily, Gabo, Eric, and Cindy were all able to make the trip.  What a blessing at the end of our time together when Eric and Cindy confirmed and announced that they were expecting a baby!  (If I were writing this in real time, I wouldn't have been able to announce that.  More about Evan Michael Bastine in the December post.)  Our quick time together was very much worth it!

Lucy was trying to roll over at lunch with our family.

So glad to have these faces around for a few days!

That week also included Easter.  Rylan was much more into the eggs this year, both coloring them and hunting them.  He didn't know much about the bunny, but he did know we went to church to celebrate Jesus is alive!

Rylan loved coloring eggs this year.
Lucy was happy to watch the boys color eggs...
...and then she went to sleep!

Rylan loved that the eggs were hidden in the toys and on the furniture.
All dressed up to go see the family.
Mom tried this cake she found on Pinterest.  Easter was so hard for her, but Rylan made her day when he saw it.  He said, "Oh Nana, that is beautiful!"  She cried.
Here is Lucy hunting eggs at Grandma and Grandpa Kring's.  The bunny brought her some new shades.  I finished the pink bunny hat just in time for Easter!
Rylan filled his basket with eggs at Grandma and Grandpa's.  He didn't have any competition, so he was the big egg getter!

April 2012 -- Children's Museum

We began April with a visit to the Children's Museum in Indianapolis.  We stayed over night at a hotel and headed to the museum early.  It worked out pretty well to be there when it opened.  Then we pushed it until we crashed for naps in the car.  Rylan had a great time.  Lucy enjoyed herself too, just checking everything out from her stroller.

This HUGE transformer was at the entrance of the museum.  Rylan was more interested in the 4 door sedan on the side.  I think it was being raffled off or something.  We should have gotten his picture in front of the car.
Rylan's favorite part of the museum was the train room.  We talked about this for months.

Here he is digging up bones in the sand.

This may or may not be the only picture of Lucy from the day.  Cutie!

Driving a front end loader.

Looking through a waterfall.

We did force Rylan to go on the carrousel because that is something you "have" to do at the Museum.  He was NOT into it.  This is the best picture Ryan could get but it is so perfect.  His expression didn't change through the whole thing, and he stuck with not liking it even after we were off.

March 2012

 I am thankful for pictures and video to trigger my memory to write this blog!
This month Lucy started doing the belly laugh, mostly at Rylan.
Rylan started recognizing and reading words.  Mostly names, his own, Mama, Daddy, Papa, Nana, Elmo.  He thinks it's a game.  We don't mind playing along.

It was VERY warm this month.  We spent a lot of time outside.  It was great to have spring come quickly.
Lucy is just showing how flexible she is.  She was still pretty tiny this month.
Rylan was helping feed Lucy.  He took his job very seriously.

Lucy after her bath!

Lucy is showing off her gear from Texas.

Here is a special shirt for Tia Emily and Tio Gabo!

We spent some time again battling ear infections this month.  One day, Rylan just curled up on the coffee table.

This is my first attempt at the bunny hat.  It turned out so cute.  She has no idea what her mom is making her wear.

Here is Lucy out to dinner with "Aunt" Kristie.  We met up for a quick get together when we went to Indy to visit the Children's Museum in Indianapolis.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Purdue Friends in Texas

Over Presidents' Day weekend, the girls traveled to Houston to see Divya, Alex, and the newest Boilermaker, Annika.  It was a great weekend of relaxing, shopping, and taking pictures of the babies.  I made tutus and bows for the babies.  They were red, white, and blue to celebrate the holiday. They turned out great!  Here are a few (wink) pictures.

Hannah and Lucy on their way to meet their new friend.
Lucy and Annika meeting for the first time.
When I went up to bed one night, this is how I found Lucy.  Her paci was by her ear.  Not sure how that happened.  :)
Lucy was barely rolling at this time, but she was already pretty flexible!
This is a sweet picture of Lucy.  She was a little fussy while we were there, running a low fever.  She was a trooper though.
Get cuter! (Annika)
I love this smile!  (Hannah)
Auntie Kel with the girls in their "auntie" t-shirts.
I love this one of the 3 friends together!  Martha's daughter Hannah is on the left, and Divya's daughter, Annika, is in the middle.  Hannah and Annika are 3 months.  Lucy is 5 months.

Another of the 3 littlest Boilermakers.
This is the only picture we got of all of us together.  Early in the morning...before most of us were ready for the day.

February 2012

Here are some pictures from February.  It was a mostly average plus Lucy and I took a trip to Houston, TX to see the Purdue girls including new baby Annika!

We took a walk one afternoon when it wasn't too cold.  There is a picture of Lucy in the back of the stroller, but it is too dark to even see her face.  I had the blankets wrapped all around with a whole for her to breathe.

Rylan is usually pretty affectionate.  One morning when I was getting ready I came back in the living room and he was sitting with his arm around her giving her a kiss.  What a sweet boy!

Lucy was still so tiny in February!  Here is a picture of her in an outfit from our good friends the Hummels.  She is a "Little Angel"!

Lucy started eating baby food.  She had very little trouble enjoying the new items.
Here it is all over her face.  :)