Saturday, August 2, 2008

Baton twirling

Last week I spent many hours with a dear friend remembering old times of our days twirling the baton with the Royal Majestics. We watched, laughed, judged (unofficially), and admired the national baton twirling competition for 4 days in a row. The event takes place each year over a total of 5 days from 8 am to past midnight most days. There is so much to take in, you really need a schedule. We watched some great routines. One of which Kara said, "was probably the best solo she has ever seen." And it was great! Those were big words considering the two of us have been watching since the 90s. We love to catch up with old friends and watch our old favorites. We are grateful this takes place at Notre Dame though the venue may move to Las Vegas for a couple of years while the Joyce is getting a face lift. If I am ever blessed to have girls some day, I hope they find a tenth of the joy. It is so much fun!!!
And a special thanks to Ryan for understanding me well enough to let me watch baton instead of doing house work or even making dinner. He loves me so well! Even though I'm a junky.