Tuesday, December 28, 2010


It always seems that the month of December goes so quickly, this year has been no exception. We ended November with a visit to St. Louis to see Ryan's family. We celebrated the season with food, shopping, and hanging out. The whole family was together for the first time in years!

Rylan did pretty well with the car ride to and from Missouri. It takes a lot to keep him entertained for that long. These sunglasses helped.

Rylan also rode his first carousal at the mall while we were there. He had a great time.

December was then filled with many events. Angel Tree party at Monroe Circle, bridal shower for my baton buddy, musical at church, Christmas at the LeDonne's, Son City Kids Christmas, friends over, Christmas Eve, Christmas, 2 ear infections, and lots of running around. We missed Emily, Gabo, Eric, and Cindy as they stayed at their respective homes for Christmas. (We can't wait to see them in March!) Here are some images from our month. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Dear Ear Infections...

Dear Ear Infections,
You have no mercy. You come and you go and come back again so quickly! I am about done with you as I can imagine Rylan is too. He would probably tell me if he spoke full sentences. I'm sure the new insurance company is excited because we have had 5 appointments since the relationship began on Oct. 1st. And I love how the doctor keeps saying "a couple more" of you and we will talk about tubes. How many is a couple really? I mean Rylan is only 17 months old. His usual upbeat personality has just been pummelled by your presence. I will be glad when you are gone forever!
Tomorrow, it is more antibiotics for you so we can try to move past this....again.
Until next time,

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Purdue Basketball

This year, Ryan decided to share Purdue Basketball season tickets with one of his buddies. The ticket purchasing took place before Robbie Hummel blew out his knee again. This puts a damper on the season, but it was still fun to go down and see the exhibition game this week. Ryan will be going to half of the games this season. I will join him for some. It's great to see our old stomping grounds every now and then!

October Fun

Yes, I know October is over, but I thought I should still share some photos. October was one of my favorite months with Rylan. He began "talking" more this month. He says words like, Mama, Dada, football, eat, more, and our favorite "A bus!" He sometimes yells it all the way to and from daycare.

In October, we went to Chicago for Erin B's b-day and visited a pumpkin patch. Teri put some great pictures on her blog. You can see them here.

We also visited our local pumpkin patch with Grandma and Grandpa Kring. Rylan had a great time running around and looking at all of the pumpkins. I am so glad we went on a week night, because it wasn't that busy.

We also celebrated Halloween with Zoo Boo the weekend before, and actual Halloween with Urgent Care, two ear infections, and a cough with wheezing. We got a couple of pictures at Trunk or Treat as well. Rylan was so cute as Purdue Pete, he just didn't understand that he needed to wear the hat and carry the hammer to get the point across. Ryan loves Halloween. It is much more fun for me now that Rylan is around.

Zoo Boo -- There is a zebra behind us

Trunk or Treat at West Side Church

I can't believe it's November already!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Oh how I love a deal!

This past weekend, I got together with some friends for a special visit from Texas and a birthday. Much to my excitement I heard about a website that gives discounts for fun things to do around town. We talked about it (well made fun of it) often though deep down we all wanted to check it out to see what deals we could get.
So tonight, I went to http://groupon.com/ to sign up for the daily email list stating what great deals I could get in South Bend. Bad news of the day...South Bend is NOT listed! WHAT!!?? This kind of stuff is right up my alley! I guess I'll just have to stick to http://moneysavingmom.com/ to find deals and great articles.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

He's Walking!

Rylan is on the move now. July 24th, Ryan and I were trying to get him to walk (before he did it for someone else), and he did. We didn't really think it was going to happen, but we were so excited! He went back and forth between the two of us many times. We got just a little on video, but it is so great. He got more and more confident as he did it. Notice how he pushes Ryan's hands away. Everyone keeps saying, "now you're really going to have to baby proof", I really think this is going to be true when he can get his leg up on the couch. It is fun watching him get stronger and stronger.

He also got his first bloody lip that day, but that's just because he tripped over his own feet (probably like his mom :) ).

The Lake

We have spent so much time at the lake this summer. Here is one of the best pictures of Rylan thus far in his lake gear. Nana is looking great as well.

First Birthday

July 9th came way faster than expected. Rylan celebrated his first birthday with the extended family on hand. We had a great time sharing the day with everyone. Rylan enjoyed spontaneously playing in the pool with his cousins and eating his cake. On his actual birthday we went to the fair and met Rylan's second birthday buddy (Kel is the first). This gentleman was turning 83. He and his wife were so cute making faces at Rylan in the stroller. On his birthday Rylan was getting very good at pulling up. He was also putting his hands in the air to say "So big", and showing everyone his tongue. This is such a fun time! The only downfall is that he's growing so fast!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Once upon a time in Mexico...

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to post about our trip to Mexico. We had a great time celebrating with Emily and Gabo and their Mexican family. I'll give you the abbreviated version of the trip...
  • Before Mom, Rylan and I got on the plan Sunday the 13th, I had broken my in-law's suitcase that we borrowed.
  • The flight down consisted of 1 hour sitting on the runway (Rylan slept for 45 min of that hour), no air condidtioning and Rylan fussing the entire 4 hours we were in the air but falling asleep the second we landed. We were grateful to be off of the plane. It was easily four of the hardest hours of his life thus far.
  • Emily was sick the first 24 hours were were there. She had a stomach bug. Thankfully she bounced back well.
  • Ryan Kring, Ryan Bastine, and Roger were to fly out of O'hare Wednesday morning at 8:30am. When they arrived at the airport, no one was at the check-in desk, and they learned over the phone with the airline that all morning flights on this airline were canceled for the last three weeks. After many stressful hours and phone calls to Mexico (thank goodness for Skype), Roger flew alone to Mexico at 2:55pm Wednesday and Ryan and Ryan flew first class on a different airline from 2:00-6:00am Thursday.
  • They arrived at 8:15am to the hotel and we left at 9:00am for the civil wedding. This began our tour of Mexico in a big white van with my entire family. (Ryan, Rylan, and I, Mom, Rog, Dad, Trish, Eric, Cindy, Ryan Bastine, and two of Emily's friends)
  • That same day, Ryan (and the boys) watched a Mexico World Cup soccer game with some real fans, I spent way too many hours at a nail salon, cried in a cab, and took Rylan to his first bachelorette party. The nail salon was not that bad, just a very long experience. Everything turned out good, and I spent some good time with my sister.
  • Saturday was the wedding...what a fun day! The hair dressers came to Em's apartment, so we bopped in and out all day. It was so fun being all together. The setting for the wedding was awesome. It started only an hour late, and the rain held most of the ceremony. The funny thing was, Em and Gabo didn't even know it was pouring until the pastor said something. They then turned around and saw all of the umbrellas. Some of us went up under their little tent to finish the ceremony. It was so personal. We then had a great party complete with Mariachi music.
  • The flight home on Sunday was great! We had an extra seat, three extra people, and a big white wedding dress thrown over our shoulders. (To think we barely breathed on it after it was steamed earlier in the week.)

We are so glad we went! It is hard to travel with an almost one year old. He is such a trooper though. He didn't even fuss when he had to go back in a carseat at O'Hare airport. Em and Gabo also had a celebration in South Bend July 2nd. They have been home for the month (part of the reason for my lack of posting) and watching Rylan while I work. They leave next Saturday (boo!). I am so thankful for our time in Mexico, and their time in South Bend!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Here we go...

Just last week Rylan started pulling up. It happened quickly. I know he was doing this a little while he was still at daycare, but we didn't get to see that. Today he was beginning to "cruise". He usually makes an attempt at this when he wants something like the computer. This is fun for us. We know, we know...just wait until he really gets moving. So far we are faster than he is. Does chasing him count as exercise?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's wedding season!

In the last year, my brother Eric, and my sister Emily have both gotten engaged! Emily and future husband Gabo will be married in Mexico June 19th and will again celebrate in Indiana July 2nd. Eric and Cindy will be married in San Francisco March 18, 2011. They are meeting us in Mexico for Em and Gabo's wedding.

We are ready for the weddings! Rylan has his suit and passport (for Mexico). I am a little nervous about air travel but am sure we will work it out like usual. I'm sure Rylan is not the most high maintenance baby to ride a plane. Here are some pictures of our preparation

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spring Family Photos

Last week my brother came over to take family pictures for us. He has an art degree and does well with photography even though it isn't his favorite. The plan was to wear our Cubs gear and wear regular clothes, and hopefully get some pictures outside. Well, Rylan was in an okay mood until right before the pictures when he got really, really tired. Here is the best picture. We will be scheduling another session.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Swimming Lessons

Last month we signed up for Mom and Tot swimming lessons. This is a class at the Y that helps kids get comfortable with the water while their parent is holding them. We met Shannon and Lilly for our first class. The kids did great! We sang songs, kicked, splashed, and moved in a circle to the music. It is a great class. Unfortunately, Rylan got ear infections the following week, and has been sick off and on since. We were able to move our payment to the next session. That was a big bonus! We will be ready for the lake when the warm weather arrives.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bath Time!

Rylan is now 7 months old! We can't believe how fast this time is going. We are enjoying every minute of it. We got out Rylan's new seat for the bath tub today because he has grown out of the baby tub. He seemed to like it! Maybe next time we'll get out the bubbles.

The last two weeks have been something...Rylan has begun cutting his teeth, so that has brought sniffles, a fever, and minor fussiness. Fussy for Rylan is not really that bad. I am also getting my energy back from not feeling well. We are looking ahead to spring. I can't believe it is already mid-February. Our calendar is filling up fast as usual.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

6 months old

Rylan is 6 months old already! He is getting so big. At his 6 month apointment, he was 18.6lbs and 28.5 inches. We are geting ready to transition him to the bigger carseat because the infant seat only goes up to 29 inches.

We love making him laugh. (Which then makes us crack up!) He is beginning to sit up now and loves his musical toys. Our favorite thing is probably that he knows who we are and sometimes reaches for us.

We are adjusting well to the routines of work and daycare. I can't believe how fast my time home went. Rylan is doing well at daycare and I like it better each time I go in walk in both at the beginning and the end of the day. God has really worked this out for us.