Saturday, February 25, 2012


December started out with a bang!  Lucy and I picked Emily and Gabo up in Chicago on December 1st.  I was thrilled they would be coming for 6 whole weeks!  God worked out the timing of my maternity leave, Gabo's green card, and Christmas so well.  I am so thankful.  
December was a full month!

On the way to get Em and Gabo, I stopped at the Tran house in Chicago to meet and introduce Lucy to her new friend, Hannah.  It was a quick stop, but a great chance to catch up with Hannah's mama, Martha, and to see Hannah's big brother in action.
Lucy and I also invaded the Burritt house, but it was a school night, so it was more of an adult visit this time.  


I mean, who wouldn't be excited to see this face!

Christmas Tree

Ryan and I both cut down trees with our families when we were growing up. We cut down trees together after we were married. Due to our fast paced life, Ryan has picked up a pre-cut tree from Menard's on the way home from work two years in a row. This year, we decided to go cut one again. We went on a week night to avoid the crowd.  We had a great time!

This is up every year at the tree farm to see how the kids have grown!  Can't wait to see how Rylan grows.

New in November...

Thank you YouTube! I learned to crochet from The Crochet Geek. Theresa is a friend in my head, now. I started out slow, but quickly enjoyed having something to do instead of my "To Do" list. I also started making bows, and had other creative ideas, we decided I should start an Etsy page. This led to Sister Girl. Sister Girl Products is my new endeavor. It would be ideal if this could turn into my stay-at-home mom job. This is still a big work in progress. If I sat around all day just crocheting, making bows, and thinking of new ideas, business would be booming! Instead, I will play cars and babble at my little girl and do those things on the side. :)


Here are the November happenings...

So silly!
(Yes, he still has the paci(s). This is a summer project.)

Relaxing and watching a little Disney Junior.


One more trip to the zoo. Notice the light jackets this time.
Our "winter" has been out of the ordinary.

One more trip to the lake!
There are so many leaves at the lake! I think they raked 20ish bags.

Rylan loves the bath these days. He would stay in there forever. He has been practicing his swimming for the summer.

Todd and Lilly came to South Bend for Thanksgiving. We missed Shannon. The kids had a great time coloring and playing together.
And a hug good-bye. So cute!

Here is my attempt at a Thanksgiving picture.

Thankfully we saw some of the Purdue girls and Teri brought her nice camera so we had a quick impromptu photo shoot. Check out that cute dress Grandma and Grandpa Kring found for Lil' Lucy! Only Erin B. would have such perfect photo shoot pillows on her couch.

And another one of my favorites of Lucy!