Friday, October 30, 2009

Rylan's First Road Trip

Since last spring, I have been anticipating a visit from my sister in the month of October. She needed to come back to the states to meet with some supporters and make some new contacts. As we discussed her visit, my leave from work, and the new baby, her road trip turned into a road trip for her, me, and Rylan. First I had to check with Ryan to see if he could live without us for 10 days. He said he would manage, and he knows how much I love to hang out with Emily. It was actually harder for us to be gone that long than I originally thought. For both Ryan and I. He got sick while we were gone, which was really sad because he was home alone. We survived though.

The trip went like this...

---Saturday to Indy-Stayed with "Auntie (cousin) Kim", great fun

---Sunday to Sidell, Il-Em and I tried to tell Girlfriend (GPS) the way to go...we were wrong, Em talked at a church, I made lunch, Rylan was an angel playing on his mat in the kitchen, Em stated he was her nephew several times to let everyone know that she didn't have a baby out of wedlock while she was away, drove on a dirt road

---Sunday night to St. Louis-stayed w/Aunt Sandy and the Kile gals, Rylan loved playing with his second cousins, he almost got his cheeks eaten right off, slept in Stacy's really comfortable bed

---Monday to Withita/Eureka, KS-new friends, another church, good chili, Rylan and I playing in the church nursery, stayed w/Angie's parents-her dad looks just like Dave Ramsey, met Angie's friend and two cute kids, ate some great dessert

---Tuesday to Harrah (Ok. City), OK-stayed two nights!, loved not having to pack up in the morning, stayed with friends who used to live in Michigan, relaxed in the country, saw the memorial, at chicken fried steak, Em talked to some kids at church, made new friends at church (oh Ernastine, get cuter!), got lost in the boonies, laughed, put a sleepwalker back to bed

---Thursday back to St. Louis-in our pjs, Rylan had a meltdown, so did I, stayed at a cozy hotel w/happy hour, nachos, free wifi, and hot breakfast

---Friday to Indy-back to Kim's, Em got together with old friends, freezing cold soccer games, football and BW3s, Bring It On 5!, dinner w/my pal Erin (so glad)

---Sunday back to South Bend!!!

2,230 miles. I'm glad we went along. It's so fun to hang out with my sister. She was such a good "husband", as she called herself, carrying things, loading the car, pumping the gas. I love her! We made memories.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Oh Technology...

I was so excited last month when Ryan told me we had a web cam! To which I replied, "How did I not know that!?" So he showed me how to use it and I am now a new girl! I quickly logged onto Skype, created my account, and began chatting with Emily, Eric, and Cindy. On Mom's birthday we surprised her with Skype at the lake by calling Emily, meeting Gabo, and chatting with Eric and Cindy. Mom was so excited, she took a picture of Eric and Cindy!

It is actually easier to talk on Skype while I'm doing things around the house. We also hold Rylan up to the camera like the Lion King so they can see how much he's grown. One night Mom, Ryan, Emily, and I had dinner together. She couldn't see all of us but she sat at the end of the table where the extra chair is.

What a great invention...and it's free!