Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Labor Day! Literally!

Lucy Marie Kring is here!
She was born at 5:50pm on Labor Day
Monday, September 5th.

I woke up at 4am just like most of the days in the month of August, and start of September. I was then so excited when I started feeling light contractions shortly after. I was awake so I got up to start walking so I could keep it moving. I walked and walked around the living room watching the DVR of America's Got Talent and having contractions. Rylan got up around 6:30 (as usual), and I woke Ryan to tell him he would have to cancel his golf outing because I the day was here.

The morning was slow labor wise, and we started making phone calls. Grandma and Grandpa Kring came to get Rylan around 10 and then labor picked up. Of course when we headed to the hospital at 11, everything slowed down. I had to do the dreaded hour long walk in the hospital at 1pm. It worked wonders! And that was when the real pain started! I was admitted, got an epidural, and made quick progress in the next two hours.

Lucy arrived in 3 pushes while everyone raved about her black hair and big cheeks! We guessed her weight before they weighed her, and we were so wrong! I guessed she was around Rylan's size (8 lbs, 7 oz - but really didn't know), Ryan said in the 7 lb range, and the nurse guessed 8 lbs (ish) as well. We were all wrong. She was 9lbs!

What a great day! The family came up to see us, and we settled in for the night at the hospital. We had great nurses and felt good about the delivery process. We are grateful.

Now Lucy's birthday is the 5th, Mom's is the 6th, and mine is the 7th. I love week long birthday celebrations! Mom is right, she is a great present!

September 1st -- Due Date

When I was due with Rylan, I posted this picture of me. I was feeling pretty good and so excited!

Here I am on September 1st.

I was having some signs of labor but worked through the 2nd. We had a relaxing weekend, and I made a list of all of the things I was going to do while I was off work waiting for Lucy to arrive. I thought for sure I was going to make it to my next appointment scheduled for my birthday, the 7th.

I was ready. I was tired, and it was difficult to get things done or take care of Rylan very well. I wasn't really complaining though, just moving really slow. Ryan helped me all the time. I was also SO excited to meet her, and see what she looked like, and tie my shoes without grunting. It is so funny to me how people in your life, some who you know less than others, predict when the baby is going to arrive. So many people said she would be early and she would come so fast because she was my second. I just kept saying there was no way to know with a smile on my face.

I was very thankful to spend 7 days in my classroom meeting my students and establishing routines. I am also thankful for my awesome sub for the fall (and into the winter), Barbara Bandera. I have known her since high school, and she couldn't be nicer. She is a great fit! God worked that out really well, as He always does, in His timing and on His schedule.

Last Weekends Before Baby

With Lucy's arrival approaching, we spent some more time at the lake. Ryan took Rylan up with him one day while I stayed home. I don't know how much I got done, but it was a nice treat. Mom took Rylan to Lunker's to look at the fish tanks. Rylan also wore some awesome sunglasses which ended up finishing the trip in the lake.

Sunday, September 4th, we celebrated Mom and I's birthdays (September 6th for Mom, and 7th for me. This was noted very early on in our pregnancy as the due date was Sept. 1st.) We had a laid back day with lunch and boat rides (for some) and ice cream cake!

Here are Rylan and I reading a book. He barely fit on my lap at this point. I love his little hand on my belly. Mom says she has a picture of Eric on her lap right before she had me. This will be a great memory in 30 years. :)

Emily came home...

to see me! Well, she came home to see everyone, but in my head, it's different. :) She blogged about it too! We had a great time just relaxing and enjoying each others' company. Here are some pics of our time together (and some good ones of Rylan, because I like him).

Rylan playing with his Tia, aunt in Spanish. He doesn't even know her name is Emily.

Playing with Papa in the lake...and crying because it was time to get out.

Some sweet corn, and some sweet hair indeed!

One of our best cousins, Kim, came up for the weekend too. We were hot enough to take a dip in the lake. Of course, I left my bathing suit in Chicago. So I had to act like a celebrity and bare the a bathing suit top and Purdue shorts. Everyone was fine after being blinded by my white skin. Emily and Kim boarded "Big Mabel" by the house, and I pushed/pulled them down the channel because I didn't think I could get my body up there. Well, I was tired on the way back, so we made it happen. And we cracked up the whole way. Uncle Dave had to help pull us in.

Get ready for your ride ladies!

Swimming out in the water with Em, Kim, Roger, and Uncle Dave.

Thanks Uncle Dave!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Summer Time

We have spent the summer keeping busy, as families with 2 year olds do. It is hard to stay still when the little guy wants to run. Rylan had a fear of animals earlier in the spring. He was terrified of any animal, big or small. We have slowly moved out of that phase, thank goodness, because the zoo and the 4-H fair are summer staples.
Rylan checking out the animals at the fair.

We have also spent a good amount of time at the lake and at the new pool at Grandma and Grandpa Kring's house. Rylan has enjoyed swimming to the point where he jumped into the water without warning one time. This is the reason for life jackets.

Rylan jumping in the lake to Papa and swimming back to do it again.

Riding the swing and driving the boat with Daddy.

Checking out the fish Papa caught.


Before moving to Windsor, the dorm where I spent my sophomore year at Purdue, I purchased this...

I was so excited about my purchase. I paid just over $100 dollars of my hard earned Target money and even used my discount. This TV later spent time in 5 other residences before becoming our bedroom TV. Ryan would always say, "We have got to get a new TV." And I would say, "but this TV is such a good deal. I have really gotten my money's worth."
Unfortunately, after nearly 12 years of function (well, the TV anyway, the VCR stopped working a while ago), my beloved TV finally died. Though I hoped it was a problem with the DVR, the black screen with a green line in the center signaled it's end.
On a Dave Ramsey note, we did not run out and buy a bigger, expensive TV, we have taken an old TV from my Grandma Horein's house to replace "Old Faithful". We'll see how long that lasts.