Thursday, November 11, 2010

Purdue Basketball

This year, Ryan decided to share Purdue Basketball season tickets with one of his buddies. The ticket purchasing took place before Robbie Hummel blew out his knee again. This puts a damper on the season, but it was still fun to go down and see the exhibition game this week. Ryan will be going to half of the games this season. I will join him for some. It's great to see our old stomping grounds every now and then!

October Fun

Yes, I know October is over, but I thought I should still share some photos. October was one of my favorite months with Rylan. He began "talking" more this month. He says words like, Mama, Dada, football, eat, more, and our favorite "A bus!" He sometimes yells it all the way to and from daycare.

In October, we went to Chicago for Erin B's b-day and visited a pumpkin patch. Teri put some great pictures on her blog. You can see them here.

We also visited our local pumpkin patch with Grandma and Grandpa Kring. Rylan had a great time running around and looking at all of the pumpkins. I am so glad we went on a week night, because it wasn't that busy.

We also celebrated Halloween with Zoo Boo the weekend before, and actual Halloween with Urgent Care, two ear infections, and a cough with wheezing. We got a couple of pictures at Trunk or Treat as well. Rylan was so cute as Purdue Pete, he just didn't understand that he needed to wear the hat and carry the hammer to get the point across. Ryan loves Halloween. It is much more fun for me now that Rylan is around.

Zoo Boo -- There is a zebra behind us

Trunk or Treat at West Side Church

I can't believe it's November already!