Monday, June 22, 2009

The Lake

Last fall, Mom and Roger bought a lake house on Eagle Lake near Uncle Dave and Aunt Susie's house. It is a ranch home that needed some major TLC. Mom and Roger will retire there someday. We (the family) have been renovating the to bottom, every room. In the last couple of weeks it is really coming together though it is getting harder to work with the nice weather and the lovely deck outside.

Being at the lake is really relaxing just listening to the water and watching the ducks float by. The boys are really into fishing with Lunkers being our new favorite store. Good thing it's on the way to the lake. I have not done any boating or swimming due to being 9 months pregnant but am looking forward to those things at the end of the summer. I'm pretty sure the neighbors don't need to see this belly sticking out of a bikini. They may send Mom and Rog packing.

We're having a great time! Painting, cleaning, eating, sitting...never a dull moment. We have the bathing suit, sun hat, sun sheild, and sunscreen ready for Baby Kring when he arrives! I love summer!

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The Barnes said...

Looks like a very cute house. That is so sweet of all you to help! Hope you are feeling well.