Saturday, August 28, 2010

First Birthday

July 9th came way faster than expected. Rylan celebrated his first birthday with the extended family on hand. We had a great time sharing the day with everyone. Rylan enjoyed spontaneously playing in the pool with his cousins and eating his cake. On his actual birthday we went to the fair and met Rylan's second birthday buddy (Kel is the first). This gentleman was turning 83. He and his wife were so cute making faces at Rylan in the stroller. On his birthday Rylan was getting very good at pulling up. He was also putting his hands in the air to say "So big", and showing everyone his tongue. This is such a fun time! The only downfall is that he's growing so fast!


Kyle, Teri, and Kyri said...

I love all the updates!!! Such a big boy now!

Kelly said...

Woohoo!!! I made the blog!! Did you just do that so I would stop bugging you about updating more often??? So excited that he's walking....can't wait to see him again (well you and Kring too)!!