Monday, December 13, 2010

Dear Ear Infections...

Dear Ear Infections,
You have no mercy. You come and you go and come back again so quickly! I am about done with you as I can imagine Rylan is too. He would probably tell me if he spoke full sentences. I'm sure the new insurance company is excited because we have had 5 appointments since the relationship began on Oct. 1st. And I love how the doctor keeps saying "a couple more" of you and we will talk about tubes. How many is a couple really? I mean Rylan is only 17 months old. His usual upbeat personality has just been pummelled by your presence. I will be glad when you are gone forever!
Tomorrow, it is more antibiotics for you so we can try to move past this....again.
Until next time,

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The Barnes said...

Amy I totally feel your pain. Ella is on her fifth since July however last week our doc said enough is enough and we see an ENT in January. Hope he gets better soon!