Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January 2012

Happy New Year!  
(I know I'm a year behind, I am determined to catch up.)
This was a slow picture month with the start back to school and daycare.  Lucy transitioned pretty well to daycare.  Rylan had more of an adjustment back to full time, and did great once we were back in the routine.  We love our daycare.  It is close to my work, and I know the kids are in great hands.
In January, we discovered Rylan's tubes had fallen out.  No wonder he wasn't feeling well.

Lucy is 4 months old!  She is still around 13lbs.

Lucy cut 2 teeth in January.  This picture is fuzzy, but they are there.  I noticed them one night when she was using my finger as a teething ring.  She didn't really fuss or anything.  She cut teeth very fast.  All 4 on the bottom came in right away.

She started sleeping in her own bed.

Rylan is getting so big.  He is officially 2 1/2.

He liked to sit in Lucy's seat.  She was still a little small for it, and his legs seem so long here.

He thought he might try the potty every now and then.  Here he is practicing the states while sitting.

I love this picture of him reading EVERY book on his shelf!

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