Thursday, April 3, 2008

Spring Break

One more day of work until Spring Break. I know all of the none teachers out there think it's a little unfair that we have a vacation right now, but believe me I need it! I think the kids are as ready to be away from me as I am to head out of town.

In less the 48 hours I will be in sunny Mexico City alongside my favorite biological sister. I told people this week I would be as excited if she lived in Nebraska just to be visiting her, but the midweek beach trip is really a plus! I am excited to do nothing and chat and veg and read some books. Emily has also been working pretty hard the last couple of weeks with students coming down for their spring break. This is a much needed break for both of us. On a good note, I am pretty much prepared for the week following spring break and have very little to do before leaving tomorrow. My bags are pretty well packed too. With Emily's stuff from everybody all over town and my shoes....they are pretty heavy!

Felizes la vacacion de la primavera!

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Emily Bastine said...

i just cried a little reading your new post...can't wait to see you.