Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Spring Break

On Saturday I left for Mexico to see my sister. When I got there I saw her house, and went out for my second lunch of the day (this one on Mexico's schedule). That evening we went salsa dancing.

On Sunday we went to church, rode the Metro, and took the Turibus around the city. The sad thing was my camera "old faithful" decided it was done while on the Turibus. That evening we boarded a bus to Puerto Escondido to sit by the ocean. Meanwhile back at home, our grandma was not well and admitted to the hospital.

On Monday we arrived in Puerto Escondido safely after a near miss with our bus and a horse. We got to our room, had some lunch, put our toes in the ocean, and layed around by the pool. After we had a dinner much too early for Mexico's standards (8:00 pm) we layed around in our room and watched a movie on the computer.

Tuesday morning began the communication about grandma having pnemonia and the doctor saying that this is the beginning of the end. We left the beach, and Emily and I spent a very long day yesterday and arrived in South Bend today at 6:30 am. While I went back and forth a thousand times yesterday if this the right thing, Jesus continued to nudge yes. We knew Mom needed our support and Emily really needed this time with Grandma to have closure.

As of right now, Grandma has taken a round of antibiotics for pnemonia and will be returning to the nursing home tomorrow morning. Her very sleepy, sometimes not responding condition that was extreme on Sunday is not uncommon for the end of alzheimer's. The doctor said this can continue until the end. There will probably be no more antibiotics, food drip, or trips to the ER. Her body is saying this is the time. She has had alzheimer's for about 10 years. She will be free from this disease in Heaven.

While this was a crazy couple of days, I saw so much of Mexico and really got a taste of the life Emily is blessed to live. Like I said before, I would have gone to Nebraska. This was our time to spend together whether it be on the beach or on 2 planes and in a rental car-God had a plan for our time.

I will post pictures after I get them from Emily (broken camera).

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