Sunday, November 23, 2008

Purdue Football

Yesterday was a big football day in West Lafayette. The original plan was to go the game and tailgate, but due me being sick all week and the crazy cold weather, we stayed home. It turned out to be a good day for the team and outgoing coach Joe Tiller. Who knew they could play football that well after the season we've had? It has been a roller coaster watching until the last minute of the game or losing in overtime or dropping a last minute hail mary. No matter what, I still love Purdue football. I'm so glad Joe came to coach when he did, leading the team to so many bowl games during our years on campus. It's funny how times change, and your priority is health and warmth instead of crazy traditions and early morning outings. What great memories! Even though this year wasn't so great, it sure ended on a positive note. So positive I even took a nap with no fear of the lead being blown while I was sleeping.

You will be missed Joe! BOILER UP!

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Emily Bastine said...

go tiller and go you for blogging! check out mine :)