Tuesday, July 19, 2011

McWhit Wedding

The day school was out, began the wedding festivities for my long time baton buddy Kara Whitaker and her groom, Joe McClyde (McWhit). Early in Kara's engagement I volunteered to be her wedding day coordinator, taking vendor phone calls, organizing people, etc. This was before I was pregnant and extra snow days pushed back the end of school. It was also after Ryan's annual golf outing was planned for the same weekend.

Kara and I at her bridal shower in December

Anyway, I was so excited, fatigue and no date didn't slow me down. I had a wonderful time enjoying their beautiful day at Notre Dame with their wedding at the Basilica and reception in the new Percell Pavilion. It was so great to share their day, catch up with old friends, and remember why you love someone!
Even though I didn't feel that busy on her wedding day, I only took one picture...here it is...

Kara applying mascara in the "bride room" before walking down the aisle

Congrats to Joe and Kara! You guys are going to be so happy together!


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