Tuesday, July 5, 2011


March brought the wedding of my brother, Eric, and his new sweet wife, Cindy. The month flew by as we made the trip to California to spend the week sight seeing and doing wedding festivities. We started in San Francisco checking out Pier 39, the Anchor Steam Brewery, the aquarium, a random Target, and all of the transportation. Rylan was VERY into the many vehicles throughout the trip.

Rylan loved the airport! He slept the whole way there across Mom, Ryan, and I's lap. Thank goodness we were all in a row together! One of my favorite parts of the trip is that all of us siblings were together. Em and Gabo made the trip from Mexico too! The photographer was great, he got some great pictures of all of the family together.

Here is one of the best photos we got of the three of us (not great I know)...this was after Rylan's 2 1/2 hour nap during the reception...this was very late at night.

On a side note, I tried to force him to sleep before the wedding, instead he said EVERY word he knew during the ceremony. At one point he even said "I unt to slap boards." (Ryan taught him this while they were playing basketball and he does it on the doorways.) I decided I wasn't going to miss the wedding because he was talking, so I took him down to sit in the back. I was so frustrated by the end, I had my shoes hooked to my arm (from standing for an hour holding a 30 pounder), and cried in the bathroom. Gabo, the baby whisper, insisted on taking him to help (force) him to sleep, and of course it worked...thus leading to the long nap. Gabo is awesome at that!

I am so grateful that we are able to make these trips to celebrate with our loved ones! We had a great time! If you have a snapfish account, you can click here and view the photo album I created for Eric and Cindy of our time in California.

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