Saturday, February 25, 2012


December started out with a bang!  Lucy and I picked Emily and Gabo up in Chicago on December 1st.  I was thrilled they would be coming for 6 whole weeks!  God worked out the timing of my maternity leave, Gabo's green card, and Christmas so well.  I am so thankful.  
December was a full month!

On the way to get Em and Gabo, I stopped at the Tran house in Chicago to meet and introduce Lucy to her new friend, Hannah.  It was a quick stop, but a great chance to catch up with Hannah's mama, Martha, and to see Hannah's big brother in action.
Lucy and I also invaded the Burritt house, but it was a school night, so it was more of an adult visit this time.  


I mean, who wouldn't be excited to see this face!

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