Saturday, February 25, 2012


Here are the November happenings...

So silly!
(Yes, he still has the paci(s). This is a summer project.)

Relaxing and watching a little Disney Junior.


One more trip to the zoo. Notice the light jackets this time.
Our "winter" has been out of the ordinary.

One more trip to the lake!
There are so many leaves at the lake! I think they raked 20ish bags.

Rylan loves the bath these days. He would stay in there forever. He has been practicing his swimming for the summer.

Todd and Lilly came to South Bend for Thanksgiving. We missed Shannon. The kids had a great time coloring and playing together.
And a hug good-bye. So cute!

Here is my attempt at a Thanksgiving picture.

Thankfully we saw some of the Purdue girls and Teri brought her nice camera so we had a quick impromptu photo shoot. Check out that cute dress Grandma and Grandpa Kring found for Lil' Lucy! Only Erin B. would have such perfect photo shoot pillows on her couch.

And another one of my favorites of Lucy!

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Kelly said...

ok that paci pic of rylan is HYSTERICAL :D and the last pic of lucy - definitely a fav! did you make the hat?? cuz i LOOOOVE it.