Sunday, May 8, 2011

Being pregnant in January and February

At the time, Ryan and I hadn't announced that we were expecting, except to Em and Gabo. I fell down the stairs mid-January and had some worries a few days later so I called the doctor and they scheduled an ultrasound for that day. We were very nervous and very thankful to get an appointment so quickly. The ultrasound revealed a strong heartbeat (162 bpm) right away. What a relief! It also showed a small clot that had formed right next to the baby. We were told by the doctor that there was a good chance it would absolve back into the body but that I was to "take it easy" for the next 3 weeks and they would check again. I asked what to do about my 30 lb babe at home, and he said to limit the lifting as much as possible. So I tried, prayed a lot, read only one time about clots and pregnancy (that was plenty), and tried to take it easy. I had help in that department, Ryan was/is awesome. On February 10th, we had another appointment scheduled for an ultrasound and a regular appointment later that afternoon. I was 11 weeks at the time. The ultrasound revealed that the clot was gone and still a good strong heartbeat (164 bpm). We left the office and headed back later for the regular appointment. This was the appointment when the doctor uses the very old looking doppler machine to find the heartbeat. The doctor actually never found the heartbeat with that machine. I told him I was okay with that because I had just heard/seen it a couple of hours earlier. I laughed at myself because that would have made me crazy in any other situation. Below are the pictures of the ultrasounds from the two appointments.

This is baby at 7 weeks 6 days. The dark circle is where the baby and clot are located. The baby is on the bottom.

This is baby at 11 weeks. The clot is gone, and look home much growth has happened! Amazing!

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