Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rylan in January and February

Rylan had his 18 month well check up in January and many many non-well appointments during the winter months. He was 36 1/2 inches and 28 lbs at his check-up. He was healthy other than his constant double ear infections. We were at the doctor every other Monday for six weeks and I missed at least one day of work each week beginning before Christmas break. After I finally talked the doctor into referring us to a specialist and Rylan actually getting tubes in his ears, he had had 10 ear infections and 5 different antibiotics. He had infections when he had his tubes put in on February 11th.

This is Rylan is his little gown before his tubes were put in. Much to our surprise he went with the nurses without crying. It was so quick. Rylan didn't really cry when until we got back to recovery and were getting ready to go. He fussed a little bit in the car until he saw all of the buses on the street and forgot why he was sad.
Since his tubes he has only missed 1 day of daycare for being sick. This was the best thing for him! He is even used to putting in his earplugs for baths and swimming lessons. He probably won't even remember how bad his ears hurt for all of those months.

Some milestones:
In December Rylan-
-loved to listen to books
-was really into his push/ride train
-loved his musical toys
-was just getting into watching shows other than his Baby Mozart DVD
-was singing the ABCs
-was recognizing some of the upper case letters (the R and K on the Christmas ornaments)
-was counting to 10 and recognizing the numbers
-loved to say "1,2,3 jump!" while just bending his knees and straightening himself out

In January Rylan-
-was really getting into cars and blocks (Christmas helped this)
-was really into bath time (and his new toys he got from Nana and Papa)
-still loved reading books
-had memorized Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin and helped us read it
-was LOVING Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
-was recognizing the upper case letters and counting objects
-was using tons of words
-was introduced to timeout

In February Rylan-
-started to get more into nursery rhymes and songs
-was still loving to read
-was talking more and more
-couldn't decide if he liked Mickey Mouse or Elmo more
-started his basketball career on a $5 garage sale Little Tykes rim in our living room
-began jumping on the couch and yelling "sit down"
-even told two waitresses at Applebee's to "sit down" while they were pulling the blinds down

Rylan continues to be very affectionate with almost everyone. He has gone through a couple of hitting/kicking/biting phases that thankfully don't last forever. He is hilarious to us, and the smartest kid around. We love it!

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