Monday, November 28, 2011

Rylan's First Field Trip

I was able to go with Rylan on his first field trip with his class at daycare. We went to Matthys Farms. We visited the petting zoo, played on the playground, and rode the hay ride out to get pumpkins. Rylan was full of energy on this particular day, so I was after him a majority of the time. The kids enjoyed looking at the animals too. It was a great time!

Here is the group shot. Pretty difficult to get a group of two year olds looking at the same time. Also, Rylan's school puts all of the kids in the same shirt when they go on field trips. Due to it being a little chilly, you can't really see them. Except for Rylan's. They gave him a bigger size, so his is hanging out the bottom of his sweatshirt.

All of the kids waiting for the horse to come closer so they could pet him.

Rylan petting one of the goats.

Playing on the playground.

Picking pumpkins in the field, Rylan spent more time trying to get away from me than actually looking at the pumpkins.

Riding on the hayride. Rylan loved the big tractor wheels. Especially because they were driving through the mud.

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