Saturday, May 4, 2013

April 2012 -- Children's Museum

We began April with a visit to the Children's Museum in Indianapolis.  We stayed over night at a hotel and headed to the museum early.  It worked out pretty well to be there when it opened.  Then we pushed it until we crashed for naps in the car.  Rylan had a great time.  Lucy enjoyed herself too, just checking everything out from her stroller.

This HUGE transformer was at the entrance of the museum.  Rylan was more interested in the 4 door sedan on the side.  I think it was being raffled off or something.  We should have gotten his picture in front of the car.
Rylan's favorite part of the museum was the train room.  We talked about this for months.

Here he is digging up bones in the sand.

This may or may not be the only picture of Lucy from the day.  Cutie!

Driving a front end loader.

Looking through a waterfall.

We did force Rylan to go on the carrousel because that is something you "have" to do at the Museum.  He was NOT into it.  This is the best picture Ryan could get but it is so perfect.  His expression didn't change through the whole thing, and he stuck with not liking it even after we were off.

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