Saturday, May 4, 2013

March 2012

 I am thankful for pictures and video to trigger my memory to write this blog!
This month Lucy started doing the belly laugh, mostly at Rylan.
Rylan started recognizing and reading words.  Mostly names, his own, Mama, Daddy, Papa, Nana, Elmo.  He thinks it's a game.  We don't mind playing along.

It was VERY warm this month.  We spent a lot of time outside.  It was great to have spring come quickly.
Lucy is just showing how flexible she is.  She was still pretty tiny this month.
Rylan was helping feed Lucy.  He took his job very seriously.

Lucy after her bath!

Lucy is showing off her gear from Texas.

Here is a special shirt for Tia Emily and Tio Gabo!

We spent some time again battling ear infections this month.  One day, Rylan just curled up on the coffee table.

This is my first attempt at the bunny hat.  It turned out so cute.  She has no idea what her mom is making her wear.

Here is Lucy out to dinner with "Aunt" Kristie.  We met up for a quick get together when we went to Indy to visit the Children's Museum in Indianapolis.

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