Saturday, May 4, 2013

April 2012

Spring break was at the start of April.  Early in the week Rylan had tubes put in for a second time.  He did better than the first time.  Walking with the nurses and "helping" them.  He bounced right back.

Later that week, my grandpa died peacefully in his sleep after a battle with cancer.  This was a very hard time for our family.  My grandma passed in 2008, and it was again very hard.  Many of our family gathered, our friend LeRoy King officiated the service beautifully, Gabo played the piano wonderfully as usual, and I spent an extra week off with Mom.  Emily, Gabo, Eric, and Cindy were all able to make the trip.  What a blessing at the end of our time together when Eric and Cindy confirmed and announced that they were expecting a baby!  (If I were writing this in real time, I wouldn't have been able to announce that.  More about Evan Michael Bastine in the December post.)  Our quick time together was very much worth it!

Lucy was trying to roll over at lunch with our family.

So glad to have these faces around for a few days!

That week also included Easter.  Rylan was much more into the eggs this year, both coloring them and hunting them.  He didn't know much about the bunny, but he did know we went to church to celebrate Jesus is alive!

Rylan loved coloring eggs this year.
Lucy was happy to watch the boys color eggs...
...and then she went to sleep!

Rylan loved that the eggs were hidden in the toys and on the furniture.
All dressed up to go see the family.
Mom tried this cake she found on Pinterest.  Easter was so hard for her, but Rylan made her day when he saw it.  He said, "Oh Nana, that is beautiful!"  She cried.
Here is Lucy hunting eggs at Grandma and Grandpa Kring's.  The bunny brought her some new shades.  I finished the pink bunny hat just in time for Easter!
Rylan filled his basket with eggs at Grandma and Grandpa's.  He didn't have any competition, so he was the big egg getter!

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