Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Summer Time

We have spent the summer keeping busy, as families with 2 year olds do. It is hard to stay still when the little guy wants to run. Rylan had a fear of animals earlier in the spring. He was terrified of any animal, big or small. We have slowly moved out of that phase, thank goodness, because the zoo and the 4-H fair are summer staples.
Rylan checking out the animals at the fair.

We have also spent a good amount of time at the lake and at the new pool at Grandma and Grandpa Kring's house. Rylan has enjoyed swimming to the point where he jumped into the water without warning one time. This is the reason for life jackets.

Rylan jumping in the lake to Papa and swimming back to do it again.

Riding the swing and driving the boat with Daddy.

Checking out the fish Papa caught.

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