Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Before moving to Windsor, the dorm where I spent my sophomore year at Purdue, I purchased this...

I was so excited about my purchase. I paid just over $100 dollars of my hard earned Target money and even used my discount. This TV later spent time in 5 other residences before becoming our bedroom TV. Ryan would always say, "We have got to get a new TV." And I would say, "but this TV is such a good deal. I have really gotten my money's worth."
Unfortunately, after nearly 12 years of function (well, the TV anyway, the VCR stopped working a while ago), my beloved TV finally died. Though I hoped it was a problem with the DVR, the black screen with a green line in the center signaled it's end.
On a Dave Ramsey note, we did not run out and buy a bigger, expensive TV, we have taken an old TV from my Grandma Horein's house to replace "Old Faithful". We'll see how long that lasts.

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