Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Last Weekends Before Baby

With Lucy's arrival approaching, we spent some more time at the lake. Ryan took Rylan up with him one day while I stayed home. I don't know how much I got done, but it was a nice treat. Mom took Rylan to Lunker's to look at the fish tanks. Rylan also wore some awesome sunglasses which ended up finishing the trip in the lake.

Sunday, September 4th, we celebrated Mom and I's birthdays (September 6th for Mom, and 7th for me. This was noted very early on in our pregnancy as the due date was Sept. 1st.) We had a laid back day with lunch and boat rides (for some) and ice cream cake!

Here are Rylan and I reading a book. He barely fit on my lap at this point. I love his little hand on my belly. Mom says she has a picture of Eric on her lap right before she had me. This will be a great memory in 30 years. :)

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