Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Labor Day! Literally!

Lucy Marie Kring is here!
She was born at 5:50pm on Labor Day
Monday, September 5th.

I woke up at 4am just like most of the days in the month of August, and start of September. I was then so excited when I started feeling light contractions shortly after. I was awake so I got up to start walking so I could keep it moving. I walked and walked around the living room watching the DVR of America's Got Talent and having contractions. Rylan got up around 6:30 (as usual), and I woke Ryan to tell him he would have to cancel his golf outing because I the day was here.

The morning was slow labor wise, and we started making phone calls. Grandma and Grandpa Kring came to get Rylan around 10 and then labor picked up. Of course when we headed to the hospital at 11, everything slowed down. I had to do the dreaded hour long walk in the hospital at 1pm. It worked wonders! And that was when the real pain started! I was admitted, got an epidural, and made quick progress in the next two hours.

Lucy arrived in 3 pushes while everyone raved about her black hair and big cheeks! We guessed her weight before they weighed her, and we were so wrong! I guessed she was around Rylan's size (8 lbs, 7 oz - but really didn't know), Ryan said in the 7 lb range, and the nurse guessed 8 lbs (ish) as well. We were all wrong. She was 9lbs!

What a great day! The family came up to see us, and we settled in for the night at the hospital. We had great nurses and felt good about the delivery process. We are grateful.

Now Lucy's birthday is the 5th, Mom's is the 6th, and mine is the 7th. I love week long birthday celebrations! Mom is right, she is a great present!


The Barnes said...

She is so beauitful Amy. I can not wait to meet that sweet little thing. Praying you are all adjusting well! Big Hugs!

Jenn said...

Congrats again, Amy and thanks for sharing those wonderful pictures of your beautiful family! Hope to bring you pizza soon :)

Resplendentquetzal said...

Few days late... but Congrats! Lucy is a great name! ;-)